‘Morning after the night before’ ban


A Carndonagh motorist has lost his licence for three years following a “morning after the night before” drink driving detection.

Ronan Doherty, Church Road pleaded guilty to the offence at Station Road Roundabout, Churchland Quarters on February 7th, 2014 at a special sitting of Carndonagh District Court.

Garda Inspector Gorretti Sheridan told the court that on that date, at 9.25am, Garda Mulkearns was on duty at Carndonagh Garda Station when a woman arrived stating she had been involved in a road traffic collision.

Doherty, (34) who was also involved in the collision also entered the station. He later provided a breath sample with read 70mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath.

Defence solicitor Frank Dorrian said the road traffic collision at the Station Road roundabout was “unremarkable.” He said his client had entered the roundabout and struck the other vehicle. Both went to the Garda Station to report the incident.

Mr Dorrian said: “Mr Doherty told me if he’d any doubt he had alcohol in his syetm he would not have driven the car. He thought he was fine.”

Mr Dorrian said Doherty had “unwittingly committed an offence” and was otherwise “of excellent character.”

He said his client was a carer for his father and asked that any disqualification would not immediately come into effect.

Judge Denis O’Loughlin said Doherty’s reading was “quite high” for the next morning, adding it was into the maximum period of disqualification.

He said: “He said he felt fine but it was like he came out of a public house.”

Mr Dorrian said there was “no suggestion” there was anything wrong with Doherty’s demeanour in the Garda station.

Judge O’Loughlin said he would give Doherty credit for pleading guilty. He fined him 300 euro and disqualified him from driving for three years, to come into effect on
September 1st.