Motion on spots for allotments in Buncrana

A motion to identify locations where allotments would be suitable in Buncrana has been warmly welcomed by councillors.

Deputy mayor Michael Grant put forward the motion to identify spots in the town which would be suitable for community workers to set up patches.

He told the members: “I was contacted by a few members of the public on this.

“It would be great for our community.

“If we have some land that would be available in the town that is appropriate it would be of interest.”

Councillor Peter McLaughlin said he thought it would be a good idea and very therapeutic for members of the town.

Mayor Padraig MacLochlainn also welcomed the idea, saying he was impressed with the allotments in Moville which community chef, Brian McDermott, is involved in.

“I really welcome this motion. It’s long overdue.”