‘Motorhoming’ all the way to Inishowen

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As our lead story last week suggested the tide is turning for tourism in Inishowen and one of the key success stories has been the growth in numbers of motor home enthusiasts visiting the peninsula.

Locals in Buncrana will haved noted a substantial increase in ‘campervan’ traffice with many contiental visitors now travelling north than ever before

Most are availing of the facilities provided by Buncrana Town Council in partnership with Inishowen Tourism, both of whom have been commended for their foresight in further enhancing the tourism product in Inishowen by installing 3 campervan points at the rear of the Tourist Information Office on Railway Road.

The amenity opened late last year and to-date is has been an astounding success with up to 30 campervans using this facility per week.

Commenting on the facility Kathleen Gill, Marketing Manager, Inishowen Tourism said: :”This initiative is one that we are extremely proud to be a part of as the reaction from many campervan users has been very positive. In particular, they have commented on the high standard of the facility; the parking, electrical connections, beautiful floral displays & picnic area. As a result, we feel that Inishowen is now recognised as a touring destination for campervans and this will attract a new group of visitors to the region. The profile of campervan owners tends to be semi-retired couples with time and a high level of disposable income, which is an ideal market for us to attract.

Ms Gill went on: “We’ve had campervans from all over Ireland, UK and mainland Europe stop over and they have recommended the facility to their campervan friends on various social networks, the word is certainly getting out as it’s getting busier week on week.

“Many people have come with the intention of staying just one night but because they really like the area, they tend to stay longer to explore the whole peninsula, which is great for everyone.”

Social Network forums are active with positive comments about the Buncrana campervan facility. The Manley family from Wexford used the facility recently and contacted us on their return home to say “it was absolutely fantastic and so many other tourist areas need to do the same for campervan owners.”

This facility is open all year round and provides electric hook-up points, and fresh water in a safe secure site