Moville brothers for Late Late Toy Show

Padhraig, left, and Art Parkinson. (2911PG38)
Padhraig, left, and Art Parkinson. (2911PG38)

Two Inishowen brothers have had their dreams fulfilled as they prepare to travel to Dublin this weekend to take part in a very special LIVE television programme.

Moville’s Art, 10, and Padraig Parkinson, 11, were chosen out of three thousand children, to appear on the much sought-after Late Late Show Toy Show this Friday night.

After their mum, Movania, filmed them demonstrating how to use a toy, the two Gaelscoil pupils auditioned at RTE headquarters where they met the show’s presenter, Ryan Tubridy.

“We so excited about going down to Dublin on Thursday,” said Art [Game of Thrones star Rickon Stark] “We meet Ryan and he was really nice to us.”

The boys will be reviewing technology toys and will be airing live on screen about 11.30pm, however they are remaining tight-lipped about which particular toys they have been given.

“We have been given about 20 toys or more to review properly so its great, but we don’t get to keep them,” said 11-year-old Padraig.

“We don’t mind enough,” said Art “because they are going to charity and for us getting to go onto the Toy Show is good enough for us.

“We would have probably given them away anyway to children who won’t have toys at Christmas, whereas we’ll get toys anyway.”

The boys mum said she is delighted the boys will be donating the toys after the show on Friday.

“I think its really nice they don’t get to keep, as to be honest them going on the show is like a dream come true for them.

“When I saw it advertised last year, I asked them did they want to go on the show. They said yes straight away but thought they would never get picked, But the audition process was good, they just didn’t get picked because Art is on Game of Thrones. There was a process to go through which is great because it shows anyone can do it.”

The toy which they practiced on for the demonstration was given to Art by a fan of the popular HBO show, BobbyBoxo, in Belfast.

Despite the acting experience [as Padraig has landed the lead role in a feature film to be shot next year] the two boys are nervous about the live RTE TV debut.

But there is one celebrity they are both hoping to meet.

“We don’t know who the special guests will be, but I would to meet Jedward. They were on last year, so I’d love to see if they are as mad in real life as they seem on TV,” said Padraig

The famous Late Late Toy Show kicks off on Friday night at 9.30 with the Inishowen lads expected to make an appearance around 11.30pm.