Moville kids Come Together for Beatlefest

Councillor Martin Farren Tony Bramwell Don McGinley and Paddy McLaughlin
Councillor Martin Farren Tony Bramwell Don McGinley and Paddy McLaughlin

With the Beatlefest causing stirs in Moville, the children from Scoil Eoghain are the latest bunch to Twist and Shout about the Liverpudlian band.

In a unique concert for parents and people in the community this Friday, the children will perform a number of well known Beatles songs for ex-road manager Tony Bramwell.

Tony Bramwell, who famously became the Beatles manager by asking George Harrison could he carry his guitar to get into their gig for free, will also be answering questions from the children about his life growing up with Sir Paul McCartney and others.

Teaching the kids the difference from Let it Be to When I’m 64 is local musician and former principal Paddy McLaughlin.

Paddy was surprised at how the kids knew many of the Beatles song before he started the practice sessions.

“Most of the them knew When I’m 64 which really took me back, as I wasn’t expecting it. It’s been going well so far and we’re all looking forward to performing for Tony on Friday.

“I picked four songs When I’m 64, Let it Be and All my Loving as it always gets a good reaction from people when I play it in the local pubs. Gary, the principal, taught them Octopuses Garden which is a simple fun kids-like song. I think they like When I’m 64 the best though.”

Paddy will also be performing during the Beatlefest on Sunday 5th June along with Paul Bredin in Rosato’s Bar.

Scoil Eoghain principal Gary Fostor is also looking forward to having music mongrel Tony Bramwell at the school.

“I’m a huge Beatles fan myself and so I’m looking forward to hearing the music and listening to what Tony has to say.”

A regular now at Moville Beatlefest, which is running from the 2nd - 5th June, Tony will be making an appearance at various events throughout the music festival.

Playing music to the children on the day will be Neil Tudor who is a Paul McCartney look alike and sound alike. Neil even appeared as Sir Paul’s double in the video of Dance Tonight.

“Neil had lots of conversations on the set with Paul and also his two daughters Heather and fashion designer Stella McCartney,” said organiser Gerry McLaughlin.

Neil will also be appearing live in Rosato’s Bar on Friday and Saturday nights during the four-day event. For more information see