Moville man outraged over “cancerous” water

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A Moville man is outraged at the state of his tap water which the local man fears could be “cancerous”.

Gerry McLaughlin from the River Row told the ‘Journal’ the drinking water is getting ridiculous here, saying it “often looks as if there’s an alkaseltzer frothing in it when you pour some water from the tap.”

Mr McLaughlin’s home, which is on the banks of the well known and polluted Bredagh River, has been experiencing water problems for some time now and the Moville man thinks the problems aren’t getting any better.

“The water is getting worse. It’s every day now. If you haven’t let it run first it is like an alkaseltzer’s been put in.”

Gerry believes the problems with the water are down to an overload of chemicals put in at its source.

“ God knows what chemicals are in the water. This must be something that they’re putting in the water. There was a test a few years ago done with water from Moville and it was found that there were cancerous substances in it.”

Gerry says the locals have to run the water clear before they can attempt to drink the liquid in his home.

“In the morning I have to get up and leave the water running for a while, which is a waste of water, but we still don’t know how much of this is left in the water even after we have run it off.

“Even then, my children will often have a drink without running it except if the water is too cloudy. Moville’s people and their children may be getting put in long term danger by this.”

Although Gerry has attempted to contact the council in regards to his ongoing water issues, he hasn’t been able to get through.

However a spokesperson from Donegal County Council water sections told the ‘Journal’ there have been no changes to the water supply in Moville.

“In relation to the complaint from River Row, although there have been no changes introduced to the local supply, the matter has been referred locally for checking. The complainant should be encouraged to contact Donegal County Council directly if there is a problem with a supply..’