Moville to host vigil of solidarity for Palestine this Friday

A similar show of support for the people of Gaza was held on Derry's Peace Bridge at the weekend.
A similar show of support for the people of Gaza was held on Derry's Peace Bridge at the weekend.
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A ‘Vigil of Compassionate Solidarity for Palestine’ is to be held in Moville this Friday afternoon.

With the death toll and number of injured rising steadily in Gaza in recent weeks and days, a group of local people will assemble at The Square, Moville at 2.30pm.

They are inviting the entire community to join them.

Speaking in relation to the issue, one of the organisers, Rose Kelly, said: “The violence being unleashed on Gaza these days is so horrendous that it is almost unbearable to read the accounts or view the pictures.

“However, turning our heads and hearts away from the people under siege and attack is of no use to them, nor will it help stop the carnage. We are witnessing on our TV and computer screens the attempted genocide of a nation. Over 1.8 million souls, living in what is essentially a prison camp of approximately 25 miles by six miles. For the last seven years, there has been a blockade of the region with a serious restriction of food, medical and building supplies and movement of people in or out. The inhabitants face on-going violent attacks, which in recent time have escalated to horrifying new levels.”

She added: “According to international human rights organisations, 80% of the casualties are civilian, with one in five deaths being that of a child. This is not an attack on terrorists, it is an attack on innocent and already abused Palestinians.”

People are asked to bring candles and/or flowers and keys to this Friday’s vigil.

Explaining the reason for the keys, Rose explained: “In Palestine, the key is powerfully symbolic. For those who have been driven from their homes at various stages over the last six decades, the key is carried and the image reproduced as a reminder of the UN recognised Right of Return of Refugees.

“Several million Palestinians have for the most part lived either in exile within or without their homelands in what are essentially prison camp conditions.

“For these displaced people the key communicates beyond the spoken language their rights and their heartfelt plea that those rights be recognised.”

Rose Kelly added: “History is being created as we live and breathe and how it will be told in generations to come depends on how we act or fail to act now. It is easy to look back at the atrocities of history and ask ‘why didn’t somebody do something? Palestine might seem far away in terms of space but human rights don’t stop at borders and are universal in nature. For further information, contact: Rose Kelly on 0749381820