MP urges care over vaping as smoking substitute

DUP MP Gregory Campbell has warned against the use of vaporised chemicals and nicotine in electronic cigarettes being pushed as an alternative to smoking.

Tuesday, 7th November 2017, 6:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 6:38 am
DUP MP Gregory Campbell.

Speaking in Westminster the East Derry MP also suggested it was extremely difficult to reach a hard-core of smokers in order to discourage them from the habit.

“Part of the traditional problem with smoking has been that when the number of smokers declined and we got down to about 20 per cent, it was then difficult to make further inroads.

“Similarly, if a third of smokers have still not moved to vaping, again we have the problem that we have reached the hard core of people on whom more work is needed,” said Mr. Campbell.

Mr. Campbell also said it would be wrong for governments centrally, regionally and locally to promote the consumption of vaporised chemicals and nicotine

The local MP was speaking after Conservative MP Gareth Johnson told colleagues that if studies were correct ‘vaping’ had the potential to save thousands of lives in the UK and needed to be looked at “very carefully”.

Responding to Mr. Campbell, Mr. Johnson said: “Ultimately, if people want to smoke, are aware of the risks and are happy to take them, that is entirely their right as adults. I do not seek to dictate how people should lead their life. However, in my experience, most smokers do want to stop but find it very difficult to do so. That is why we should embrace the potential of vaping as an important tool in enabling people to give up.”