Muff store offers 40% sterling

The strength of the sterling against the euro has continued to boost both retailers and businesses in Inishowen as one local store has announced it is to give 40% on the sterling.

Kevin Doherty, the owner of Centra in Muff told the Journal they have seen a strong influx of shoppers come across the border from nearby Derry and wanted to entice them even more.

He said: “We’re open five months here now this Saturday and we’ve seen the rate heading towards the 40%.

“We decided to offer that rate in order to entice more customers into the shop and to Muff. When they get here then they will see the great range we have on offer at brilliant prices.”

Kevin, who co-owns the shop with his brother Shane, said while Muff traditionally has always seen strong cross-border trade, it has very much increased in recent months.

He said: “There are some great shops and services in Muff, which offer a lot and at great prices. Hopefully, if people do come here to avail of the rate, they’ll see just what Muff has to offer.”

Meanwhile, Centra in Muff have a very special offer for Derry Journal readers this week, offering you a free coffee.See page 5.