Mullan drawing inspiration from Nelson Mandela in approach to new education brief

Karen Mullan.
Karen Mullan.

Sinn Féin’s recently co-opted MLA for Foyle, Karen Mullan, has been confirmed as the party’s new education spokesperson in the North.

Ms. Mullan, who replaced Elisha McCallion on the Assembly after the latter was elected as MP for Foyle, said she looked forward to her new role.

She said she fully recognised the serious challenges facing the sector.

She said “I look forward to my new role, to developing new and positive working relationships with those working in the education, and I hope my contribution will help bring about the positive changes that are urgently needed for children and students.

“I am under no illusions it will be challenging as we face the Tory austerity agenda.

“We have just seen the recent the proposed £3 million reduction for school uniform grants which many seen as an attack on children and low income families.”

“Sinn Féin will fight any Tory proposed reductions.”

The Derry MLA said she would take inspiration from the late South African liberation leader, Nelson Mandela, in her approach to her new brief.

“Mandela Nelson once said ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ so for me it’s important to be front and centre in championing education at every level.”