Mum terrified after attack on her home

Councillor Sean McGlinchey and Anne Brolly pictured at the house in Glenview Drive, Limavady. (1303SL05)
Councillor Sean McGlinchey and Anne Brolly pictured at the house in Glenview Drive, Limavady. (1303SL05)

A Limavady mum has spoken of an attack from ‘hell’ on her home on Sunday night by a masked man armed with a baseball bat.

The attack in Glenview Drive happened at around 9.40pm when the woman was alone in the house. The woman’s husband believes it was down to Tricolours being erected on the Ballyquin Road around the same time. Her husband says he was a “spectator” there.

“It was extremely terrifying,” said the woman, preferring not to be named. “I was standing at the window, talking on the phone when I saw this man dressed in black, from head to toe, walking towards the house, fixing the balaclava on his face,” she said. “I thought it was someone acting as a joke but then I saw him lifting his arm up and swinging the bat at the window. I ran into the kitchen squealing, hysterical. I was absolutely terrified.”

The woman said the attack lasted two to three minutes and the assailant “never opened his mouth”. The front window and door were both extensively damaged. “He looked straight at me and was so casual about it all. It was hell and it’s left me very frightened,” she said. “I’m still in shock.”

Police say a number of men believed to be in a silver car in the area may have information in relation to the incident.

The woman’s husband believes “it’s more than likely” the attack is linked to Tricolours put up in the area on Sunday night.

“I wasn’t involved in putting them up. I was just a spectator. Tricolours have been put up in this area for the last eight years and there has never been any bother. I’d like to know, why now?”

Limavady Mayor Sean McGlinchey said: “There is a lot of good work being done by community workers and groups in the area surrounding the issue of flags. I think this was the work of one individual.It was a terrifying attack and I think it’s a step back. I think unionists have to step up to the mark now and hopefully come out and rally around this family.”

Sinn Fein councillor Anne Brolly met with the family yesterday morning.

“It’s not a crime to put a Tricolour up and if it was a crime to put up a flag there would be a lot of people in Limavady who would be branded criminals. What did happen is the vandalism of their house. This was an unprovoked attack on this house, on a mother and her children, and when I was there yesterday they were still picking up glass because the door and windows were shattered. I’ve been in touch with the Housing Executive and they have assured me windows will be replaced by today. I’d ask neighbours and anyone with information to go to the police or some of the councillors and to be vigilant,” she said. “Also, regarding flags, we work with those putting them up to ensure the flags come down after St Patricks Day.”

Police are also investigating another incident of criminal damage at the Glenmill Park area shortly after 10:50pm on Sunday night when it is believed that a top of a concrete wall was thrown through a front window of a house in the area. No one is believed to have been injured, and at this stage, police are investigating a possible link between the two incidents.

Anyone with information about either or both incidents is asked to call police on 0845 600 8000 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.