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News that files requesting that authorities should prosecute “those responsible for the murders and attempted murders” on Bloody Sunday have been sent to both the PPS here and CPS in England has been welcomed by relatives.

Peter Madden of Madden & Finucane Solicitors, who represent a number of the Bloody Sunday families and wounded, confirmed yesterday that they had submitted “detailed representations” last Friday to both the Public Prosecution Service here and Crown Prosecution Service in England in favour of prosecutions of soldiers on murder, attempted murder and perjury charges.

Madden & Finucane Solicitors represent ten of the families of those murdered on Bloody Sunday, and ten of those wounded.

In a press release issued yesterday, Peter Madden said: “Following careful consideration of Lord Saville’s report and its implications, we have submitted detailed representations to the Public Prosecution Service requesting that those responsible for the murders and attempted murders on Bloody Sunday be prosecuted in court.”

“It is clear to us that the evidential and public interest tests for bringing prosecutions have been satisfied.

“Our submissions have also been forwarded to the Crown Prosecution Service in England in respect of the perjury committed by the soldiers when giving their evidence to the Tribunal whilst in London.”

Welcoming the news, Mickey McKinney, brother of Willie McKinney, told the ‘Journal’: “I am aware that the majority of families quite rightly want prosecutions for the murder and attempted murder of their loved ones on Bloody Sunday. It is my family’s hope that this submission will help the prosecution service move forward using the substantial evidence which exists to prosecute those responsible for the murder of my brother.

“June 15 last year was a great day of achievement for Derry. However, there is still unfinished business in that those who murdered and maimed our people should be held to account for their crimes.

“Murder is murder, and Willie McKinney would still be walking the streets of this town if it wasn’t for what happened on Bloody Sunday,” he added.

The Duddy family agree. Spokesperson Gerry Duddy told the ‘Journal’ last night: “On June 15 last year, David Cameron said that the killings on Bloody Sunday were ‘unjustified and unjustifiable’ and he also said that the British government took ‘full responsibility’ for this massacre. All we want now is for them to act upon this and do the right thing.

“Those who commit murder, attempted murder and perjury must be held responsible for their crimes like anyone else would be. If we are to be treated equally within the law, then it is only right that prosecutions will take place,” Mr Duddy said.