Murders linked to ‘British agent’

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The families of two loyalist murder victims in the Derry area in 1976 are now demanding to be told if the man commanding the UDA in the city at the time, and who gave the orders for the killings, was a British agent.

Relatives of John Toland and Jim Loughrey say that reports by the Historical Enquiries Team have confirmed their suspicions of collusion by the security forces in the murders.

These latest two HET reports examine the murders of John Toland, shot at the Happy Landing bar in Eglinton on November 22, 1976, and Jim Loughrey, who was shot at his home in Greysteel on November 14, 1976, and died 11 days later. The reports indicate that the same weapon was used to kill both men, and in another two murders in the North West in 1976 and 1977,

Both reports make reference to the man commanding the UDA in Derry at the time, a man publicly identified as Andy Robinson, although he is not referred to by name in the reports.

Andy Robinson left the North before the evidence of a loyalist supergrass, Leonard Campbell, was used to arrest a large number of people in the North West.

The families of the Mr Loughrey and Mr Toland are to hold a press coverage this morning. (Friday).

See today’s print issue of the Derry Journal for more detailed coverage of this story on pages 3 and 8.