Murphy blasts Mayor McBrearty’s ‘militant protestors’ comments

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Anti-Austerity activist, Joe Murphy, has accused the Mayor of Donegal, Frank McBrearty, of changing his tune since he came into party politics.

Mr Murphy claims Mayor McBrearty had indicated before he was elected to council he would stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with the working class people of the county.

But, he said, the Labour Party man was now ‘playing politics’ by hitting out at those who protesting about government austerity measures which are being supported by 

Speaking with the Journal this week Buncrana man Murphy, of Donegal Action Against Austerity (DAAA) said the Mayor should not describe working people 
protesting about cuts that were ‘destroying working families’ 
as militants.

He commented::“Mayor McBrearty has slammed our protest as a ‘militant protest’ undertaken by campaigners whom, he stated, were bringing ‘shame’ and ‘negative publicity’ to the county. We are not ‘militant protesters’; we are working class people extremely concerned with the policies of this government.

“There were protesters present who conducted themselves in a manner we would not condone but these people were a minority and that is a matter for them, not us.

“Before Frank McBrearty got elected to Donegal Co. Council he stated he was going to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Donegal to express their views. We now believe he was just playing politics himself.”

Mr Murphy added: “This was an anti-austerity protest and our intention was to send out a clear message to the government that austerity isn’t working.

“This was a peaceful and dignified protest of at least 150 people. It included people of all ages, some of them pensioners. Fair play to everybody who came along to let their voices be heard.

“In a desperate attempt to thwart protesters, the Taoiseach’s two cars were whisked away with utmost haste towards the rear of the college, causing many to believe he had left. Those who didn’t 
believe this ruse stayed outside the building to await his departure. This protest was all about standing up for the people of Donegal, letting the politicians know that they can’t carry on with policies like this thinking it’s business as usual.”

The Campaign against Home and Water Taxes Donegal (CAHWT) and DAAA will be holding a public meeting in the Station House Hotel, Letterkenny on Monday, March 11th 2013 at 7.30pm

The main speaker will Richard Boyd Barrett TD, who is an active member of the campaign. Mr Murphy will also be speaking on the podium.

Mr. Murphy siad they would be joined on the night by speakers from local campaign groups from around the county. DAAA will also, he said, be holding a 
meeting open to the public in the Persian Bar in Carn on the 13th March at 7.30pm were they 
will form a local action group. Everybody will be welcome on the night.