Murphy moves on Anglo prosecutions

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Buncrana anti austerity campaigner Joe Murphy has confirmed that he has written formally to the Gardai asking them to prosecute senior Anglo Irish bank executives.

The community activist says he’s also asked the gardai authorities to formally acknowledge his letter and if they decide not to accede to his request to public state those reasons.

Speaking yesterday Mr. Murphy told the ‘Journal’ that Michael Noonan’s assertion this week that the next budget would be a ‘tough one’ raised the whole question of just how much did this government think families had left to give.

He said: “I am deadly serious about this. We all are.

“Section 6(1) of the Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act 2001 states “a person who dishonestly, with the intention of making a gain for himself or herself or another, or of causing loss to another, by any deception induces another to do or refrain from doing an act is guilty of an offence”.

The Buncrana activist said any ‘reasonable person’ could only come to the conclusion that the recent revelations in the ‘Irish Independent’ provide at least the basis of such a prosecution.

He went on: “Much of the evidence is now in the public domain; the Dáil Records, the Promissory Notes, the Guarantees themselves, the Bank Reports and in the tapes currently being published by the Irish Independent, which for the first time clearly show the intent to deceive on the part of the above named individuals. I believe that the Gardaí now have at least enough evidence to commence an investigation into the events described and that further delay is unwarranted.

He concluded his letter by requesting a response.

“Please may I request a written acknowledgement of this complaint of an offence under Section 6(1) of the Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act 2001. May I further request that I be informed of the commencement of an investigation of this complaint and of the member in charge of the investigation. If for whatever reason an investigation is not commenced please may I request that I be furnished with the reason for the Gardaí not doing so.

The Buncrana man said against a background of massive unemployment and huge numbes emigrating it was insulting to those hard working families who were struggling that ‘rich executives’ could still fly off on luxury holidays while they struggled to put food on the table.