Music marks Derry and London history

The 400 year link between Derry and London has been celebrated with a unique musical performance.

‘At Sixes and Sevens’, written by the Pulitzer- Prize-winning Northern Irish poet Paul Muldoon and the composer Mark- Anthony Turnage, saw hundreds of musicians perform simultaneously in Derry and London’s Guildhalls.

Commissioned by the Honourable The Irish Society, the project has been instrumental in setting up a unique partnership involving Camerata Ireland with Barry Douglas, at the Verbal Arts Centre, St Cecilia’s College, Wall2Wall Music, Barbican/Guildhall Creative Learning, the London Symphony Orchestra and the City of London Festival.

James Kerr, Chief Executive of the Verbal Arts Centre, said: “This groundbreaking project both marks the long relationship between London and Derry-Londonderry and points to an exciting future direction built on collaboration and sharing across the cultural organisations of the two cities.”

Edward Montgomery from The Honourable The Irish Society said: “The Trustees of the Irish Society are delighted to have helped bring about this complex, demanding and inspirational project which has engaged so many cultural organisations and individuals on either side of the Irish Sea to come together to mark the 400th anniversary of the Society’s involvement with the Plantation of Ulster and its relationship with Derry-Londonderry. We also hope that it will serve not just as a marvellous one-off event, but as an encouragement to much greater future co-operation between the City of London and County Londonderry”.

Shona McCarthy, Chief Executive of Culture Company 2013, said: “At Sixes and Sevens is one of the most ambitious and imaginative events in the City of Culture programme and it is one I personally have been looking forward to since the start of the year.

“It is only fitting that during our year of celebrations we should look to mark the historic links between the two cities, and I can think of no better way of doing that than by fusing the musical and poetic talents of these islands in a new artistic commission and performance that will live on for the next 400 years.”