Musical tour de force: Johanna Fegan to launch new EP

Derry artist Johanna Fegan looks set to explode onto the music scene with her forthcoming new EP already drawing comparisons with the likes of Patti Smith.

Tuesday, 12th July 2016, 11:33 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th July 2016, 1:37 pm
Johanna Fegan

Johanna is no stranger to the live music scene around Derry and Inishowen, performing regularly at local venues as well as nationally and internationally, and amassing a legion of dedicated fans in the process.

The new EP, entitled ‘Cutting out the Noise’ is being released via jOjO’Star and will showcase Johanna’s drive, energy and punk delivery. It will be released on July 29.

Johanna experienced the music industry first hand at the age of 23, when she was scouted by producer Andy Wright in her home town Derry and was flown to London to record at Metropolis Studios.

Singer-songwriter Johanna Fegan.

This experience proved life altering for Johanna as her confidence grew with every song recorded and every introduction to persons within the industry.

In London she has performed at the The Ivor Novello Awards after party, after which she continued working with producers such as Dave Alan and Richard Robson. It was at this period of her life that Johanna felt the burning desire to become a professional song-writer and performing artist.

Not only a powerful and direct song-writer, described by 33VRIEM33 as “diamond in the rough”, Johanna also plays instruments such as guitar, electric guitar, bass and drums.

Her voice has been described by Sound Cloud fans as a mixture of Patti Smith, Cyndi Lauper, Tracy Chapman, Alanis Morissette and Stevie Nicks.

Singer-songwriter Johanna Fegan.

Johanna has sold thousands of CDs locally and thousands more through-out the rest of Ireland with her DIY Punk Rock ethics, leading her to win artist of the month at MRU magazine for her single ‘Silhouette’, and securing a two page spread.

Johanna has never toured with her original material but currently still has more than 40 tracks online and is streaming over 300 listens a day between Sound Cloud and You Tube, with her dedication and constant interest in her followers making for a strong bond with the audience.

Johanna’s side projects include being qa member of Punk Rock cover band Suspect Device, and singing live every weekend generates new fans and constant interest, and inspiring the new generation of artists from these shores and beyond.

The grouping of producer Chris Cassidy, Lead guitarist Jack Carlin and drummer Sean Reynolds has allowed an entirely new musical direction to take shape and emerge on her new EP.

Reviews have been unanimously positive, with one gig at the Plastic Inevitable in Santa Cruz earning her the tribute: “Johanna Fegan sometimes makes it seem with her consistently well written catchy songs that flirt between pop and any combination of alternative sounds. Starting off with a great intro that reminds me of Phil Spector gone electro, Johanna then adds a strong vocal presence with a cautionary tale over this experimental wall of sound.”

Love Music meanwhile states: “Such talent. Love everything about you, vocals, lyrics, instruments. It gets better and better. Great progression throughout, your tracks should be out there”, while Splintered Finger says simply: “Verging on brilliant”.

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