Musicians acknowledge ‘positive’ meeting with Derry City Council

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A positive discussion has taken place between disgruntled local musicians and Derry City Council following an outpouring of condemnation at council’s request for bands ‘at no extra cost’ to them in the upcoming Clipper Festival.

Council have stressed that they were “not requesting all musicians to provide their services free of charge but attempting to identify the level of interest from both new and emerging talent as well as established performers locally.”

Representatives for the local musicians, including Paddy Nixon, Paul Casey, Diane Greer and Paddy Nash, have also welcomed the suggestion that Derry City Council are now “open to guidance and advice on items such as band fees and musical structure.”

They continued, “In a meeting lasting almost two hours, we outlined our concerns and conveyed the thoughts felt by local musicians supported by our petition signatories. Council stated that they understood that musicians did feel insulted and undervalued but it was never their intention to cause insult or offend anyone and suggested that it was rather that the wording was clumsy. They are currently addressing the way in which the submissions of interest are presented and took on board ideas for that.”

A Derry City Council spokesperson said, “We will continue to provide opportunities for new, emerging and established local performers. The spokesperson said they welcomed this as part of an inclusive process, encouraging open engagement with Council and local musicians, artists and representatives across the creative industry.”