‘My son’s head could be blown off’

Glen Park play-park.
Glen Park play-park.

A young Derry mother has told the ‘Journal’ that she is terrified her three year-old son could be badly injured by young people playing with fireworks in a play-park in the Glen.

Nicole Moore from Glen Vista Road said over 100 young people gathered in a play-park near her home on Friday and indiscriminatly launched fireworks at nearby houses.

“My only saving grace was that my son was not outside playing when the young ones starting letting off fireworks,” said Nicole.

“Something has to be done because my son’s hand or head could be blown off.”

Nicole said despite contacting the PSNI and other statutory agencies the young people have continued to congregate in the park since the weekend.

“They put fireworks on a roundabout in the park, lit the fireworks and spun the roundabout around - the fireworks then shoot off in all directions. One firework hit an older man’s house - he was crying in the street he was that distraught.”

“This is happening when there are families with young children in the park. It can’t go on like this,” she added.