Mystery of British Army landrovers

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Mystery surrounds the appearance of a number of British army landrovers on the streets of Derry at the weekend.

A number of callers contacted the ‘Journal’ yesterday to say they saw four landrovers driving through the city on Saturday morning.

This photograph (right) shows the vehicles travelling through the junction at the bottom of Creggan Hill. Eyewitnesses said the jeeps were later seen on the Glen Road.

A spokesperson for the British army said members of the Territorial Army were on training exercises in vehicles at the weekend but said they were not on the cityside. “TA personnel were on a training convoy in preparation for rest of the world operation, which means training for a tour in Afganistan, but not on the cityside,” the spokesperson said.

Hardline republicans from the 32 County Sovereignty Movement claimed the British military vehicles were en route to a house search in the Creggan area of the city which was carried out by the PSNI but this claim was denied by both the British army and the police.

Once a common sight on the streets of Derry, British army vehicles have not been seen in the city since the last vehicle patrol was carried out in 2003.

British army bomb disposal officers still respond to reports of suspicious objects but they travel in white vehicles instead of the traditional green military landrovers.