Nazareth House alcoholic home plans shelved

Nazareth House. (DER0414PG002)
Nazareth House. (DER0414PG002)

Plans for a controversial home for alcoholics in Bishop Street have been shelved.

Residents who put up a fight against the plans to place the unit in the former Nazareth House Chapel and Home have been told that Oaklee Trinity and Depaul Ireland will not be going ahead with the plans.

The moves comes following a heated meeting in which residents outlined their opposition to the plans which would place a fourth home for people with drink problems in the area.

It is believed plans for other forms of housing will be going ahead.

In a statement to the Journal Oaklee Trinity said that at the meeting “the view was expressed that, should the project as proposed be built and occupied, the future tenants of the facility would not be made to feel welcome in the locality.”

They continued: “In all the circumstances OakleeTrinity Ltd and its partners have agreed not to proceed with the Low Threshold project at the Nazareth House location and instead to endeavour to seek an alternative potential site in Derry for this project, the need for which was generally accepted at the meeting.

“However, as we also stated at the meeting there is a high level of demand for general needs social housing in the City side area and no disagreement in that regard was expressed by those present. It is therefore OakleeTrinity’s intention, in parallel with seeking an alternative site for the Low Threshold project, to proceed with the purchase of the Nazareth House site for the future provision of general needs social housing and we look forward in due course to embarking on consultation in that regard.”