Neighbours praised for saving Burnfoot homes

A Burnfoot man has told how he and his wife were watching TV when they looked out the window and saw flood water gushing towards their home.

Kevin Bradley from Brae Road said he feared for his home following a massive thunderstorm on Tuesday night.

A landslide at the Rockhead, Burnfoot

A landslide at the Rockhead, Burnfoot

A home belonging to Inishowen-based Donegal County Councillor John Ryan was also affected.

Both men thanked their neighbours for helping to save their homes from the flood waters and for also helping with the “massive” clean-up the next day.

Mr Bradley criticised Donegal County Council, telling how the flooding was the second to hit his home in three years.

He said the amount of water which cascaded down the Brae road on Tuesday night “shouldn’t have been allowed to happen” and he was still “waiting” on Donegal County Council to attend the Brae Road yesterday,

Flood waters gushing into the home of Mr Bradley at Brae road in Burnfoot.

Flood waters gushing into the home of Mr Bradley at Brae road in Burnfoot.

He said: “A river was gushing towards the house.

“The neighbours were brilliant. We had to gut the whole garage and spent the whole day on Wednesday cleaning up. There’s a river two fields up and it burst its banks.

I was told when this happened three years ago that the Council would rectify it. What happened?”

Colr. Ryan said he was “lucky” to be at home on Tuesday night and that the water didn’t enter the house itself.

“If I wouldn’t have been, the house would have been destroyed,” he said.

“The water did get into the cold room and garage and when you see the destruction and mess it leaves behind,

“I can only sympathise with those people who have been less fortunate and who have had houses destroyed by flooding, including a few families locally.”

Colr, Ryan said it was “hard to legislate” for these disasters and he “certainly” did not blame the Council. He said increased building development over the past few years put pressure on infrastructure.

“Unfortunately, when you interfere with nature through development and by redirecting natural waterways, it can have disastrous consequences somewhere else.

“Also, people have to be vigilant and keep storm drains and ‘shuchs’ clear of rubble and debris.

“From my own perspective, I would like to thank my neighbours for their quick response, which certainly saved my house and also for their help with the massive clean-up.

“The Council were on hand on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning thank you to them for coming out in what is holiday season.”

Donegal County Council confirmed yesterday they received approximately 40 calls overnight in Tuesday, with further calls on Wednesday and were responding.