New crest unveiled as Foyle College reverts to its old name

The new crest of Foyle College. (1006MM12)
The new crest of Foyle College. (1006MM12)

Foyle College has decided to drop the ‘Londonderry’ from its name and has unveiled the school’s new crest.

The school will now be known as Foyle College rather than Foyle and Londonderry College.

The move sees the grammar school revert to the name it had for most of its long history.

The school principal, Jack Magill, said the Board of Governors decided to change the name of the school to bring it into line with how the majority of people in the city refer to it.

“Foyle College is how we are known across the city, and the Governors felt that we should use that name in future in all contexts. Parents, staff and governors were active in planning the review which includes using the simplified form of the school’s name,” he added.

The rebranding of the school takes place as Foyle College prepares to leave its current locations at Northland Road and Duncreggan Road to move to a purpose built school in the Waterside.

The school can trace its roots back to 1612 with the foundation of the Free Grammar School - a forerunner of Foyle College - at Society Street. It remained there until 1814 when it moved to bigger premises close to the Strand Road in 1814 when the name of the school was changed to Foyle College.

The name remained until 1976 when Foyle College merged with the Londonderry High School and became known as Foyle and Londonderry College.

As well as changing the name and crest of the school, Foyle College is also introducing changes to its uniform. Mr Magill explained: “When we began to look at what our uniform requirements have been, we decided that we could simplify things for parents in a way that would also lessen costs. Standard items such as skirts, blouses, shirts and trousers remain unchanged,” he said.