New Derry diabetes support group launch

A nurse giving a patient a diabetes test.
A nurse giving a patient a diabetes test.

People living with diabetes in Derry have been advised that a new support group will be starting up next week.

Diabetes UK currently has 19 support groups across Northern Ireland which benefit people with diabetes by offering meetings where they can meet and discuss their condition with others experiencing the same challenges.

Existing groups also invite expert speakers to discuss topics relating to health, social implications and how to best manage the condition.

Volunteer Development Manager, Heather Causer ,said: “Local support groups are an excellent way for people with diabetes and their families to come together and discuss how they manage their condition on a day to day basis.

“Initial diagnosis can be particularly daunting for people and their families, and as well as getting advice from their GP, discussions with others going through or having been through the same can provide practical advice and is very beneficial for both newly diagnosed and people in later stages of the condition.

“The support groups are always well attended and we receive very positive feedback. We have had two new groups this year and we are planning to establish a further three in the coming months.

“I would encourage everyone in the area to come along to one of the initial meetings on Wednesday 28 October, either the 3pm or the 6.30pm session, where we will looking at common myths around diabetes as well as giving information on the group and how people can benefit from it.”

The first group meeting will be held in The Old Library Trust, The Healthy Living Centre, Derry on Wednesday 28 October at both 3pm and 6.30pm. Meetings will then be held on a monthly basis. For more information contact the Diabetes UK NI Office on 028 9066 6646 or email