New drug warning

A local councillor has called on the justice minister to close a legal loophole which allowed a new so-called ‘legal high’ drug to be sold.

Sinn Féin colr. Paul Fleming made the call as it emerged that a new ‘legal high,’ known as ‘A3A,’ is currently in use in the city. It is believed the new drug is more potent than mephedrone.

The former mayor said; “Although Mephedrone was banned last year we now see another legal high being advertised and sold through the internet.

“A3A is a similar drug to mephedrone and poses the same health threats to anyone that takes it as methadrone.

“The loop hole is that if the suppliers change or add one ingredient they are able to market it legally.”

Colr. Fleming said the side effects of the new drug include panic attacks, heart palpitations, and violent behaviour.

“Sinn Féin will be raising the issue with the Justice Minister to see what action we can take to ensure that the loophole is closed so we do not see any more replacements for banned substances.”

”People must be aware of the dangers and I am calling on young people not to be enticed into using this drug,” he said.