New footage shows increasing erosion at Lagg beach

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New photographs and drone footage, taken almost a year apart, have depicted the extent of storm damage and erosion at Lagg beach in Inishowen.

The images were shared by local man Peter Homer and depicts the ever-increasing damage from 25th February last year until January 8th this year.

Lagg beach on February 25th last year.

Lagg beach on February 25th last year.

Mr Homer said that as a result of recent stormy weather the beach road at the entrance to the beautiful Five Finger Strand is now inaccessible and dangerous. In recent weeks, there have been a number of calls for urgent repairs and/or a solution to be put in place to prevent further erosion.

The Office of Public Works has confirmed to the ‘Journal’ that an application under the Minor Flood Mitigation Works and Coastal Protection Scheme for a Coastal Erosion Study was submitted by Donegal County Council for a project at Lagg Beach. A spokesperson for the OPW said this application is “currently being assessed.”

The OPW, Donegal County Council, National Parks and Wildlife and Donegal County Councillor Martin McDermott recently held a meeting at the location before Christmas in a bid to find a solution to the erosion at the beach. The heavy winds and rain of recent months have worsened the situation and have led to fears it is becoming a real danger to the public.

Colr McDermott told the ‘Journal’ there was no “easy solution” to repairing Lagg beach. Measures previously implemented by Donegal County Council have been washed away due to the large volume of sand movement that occurs.

Lagg beach on January 8th this year.

Lagg beach on January 8th this year.

Colr McDermott said careful consideration was needed to ensure the problem was not “made worse” by any works undertaken. He added it was “not as simple” as laying down pipes.

All photos and videos by Peter Homer.