New MS Support group at Derry Well Women Centre

A new monthly support group for young women with Multiple Sclerosis will hold its inaugural meeting in May.

The group, which is the initiative of ‘Journal’ reporter Catherine Doran, who has MS, hopes to provide a welcoming environment for women diagnosed with the illness.

Speaking ahead of the group’s first meeting she said, “I’m so grateful to the Derry Well Woman for providing us with the space to hold our meetings. It’s something I’m very passionate about as I think you can learn a lot from others living through the same difficulties and problems, as well as sharing successes and achievements. All women diagnosed with MS are very welcome to attend.”

The group, which will be facilitated by Derry Well Woman on Queen Street, will hold their meetings on the first Tuesday of every month between 11am-1pm and the first meeting will be held on Tuesday 5th May.