New remembrance ceremony on Thursday evening

The Bogside and Brandywell republican monument. (2611MM20 )
The Bogside and Brandywell republican monument. (2611MM20 )

A candlelight ceremony will take place on Thursday evening to commemorate republicans from the Bogside and Brandywell area who have died.

The ‘Solas Cuimhneacháin’ (Light of Remembrance) event will take place at the Bogside and Brandywell republican monument, Lecky Road, at 7pm, to mark the anniversary of the deaths of local IRA men John Brady and Jimmy Carr.

It is designed to commemorate all republicans from the area who have died and is a departure from previous commemoration events.

A spokesperson for the Bogside and Brandywell Monument Committee said it is important to remember the past with respect. “In recent months there have been attempts to denigrate the memories of our friends and comrades. This has left a lot of families very upset. In all the commentary they conveniently forget that they were someone’s father, brother, mother, sister. They are talking about the friends of people they grew up with and went to school with.

“The lighting of the candle is a poignant act of solidarity that has happened throughout Irish history. The ‘Solas Cuimhneacháin’ ceremony is our small way of standing in solidarity with their family and friends.

“The people we remember day and daily are the guiding lights that are leading us in a new future. A positive future where civility, respect and equality must be absolutely central to our peace and political processes. There is no alternative to equality and reconciliation.”