New study shows population growth

Some parts of Derry have experienced a surge in population growth, a new study reveals.

The Annual Report of the Registrar General, published earlier this week, reveals that west of the Bann, the fastest growing areas in terms of population “were mainly located on the outskirts of the major urban centres.”

The report notes: “This ‘overspill’ effect was most pronounced in Derry Urban Area, with a cluster of areas on the eastern fringe of the City registering growth rates in excess of 20 per cent.”

The report, the 89th annual report issued by the north’s registrar general, further noted that Derry’s population has the lowest percentage of older people in the north - only 11.6 % of Derry’s population is aged over 65.

Meanwhile the report also states 54% of all births in Derry last year were outside of marriage and that 7% of all divorcees in the north live in Derry. Further findings also show that St Eugene’s Cathedral and St Patrick’s Church , Pennyburn, were the north’s most popular for weddings last year, while Derry was the second most popular venue for civil partnerships - 10 were conducted here in 2010.