New ‘Sunday’ poster unveiled at Free Derry

Group pictured at the launch of the Bloody Sunday poster at Free Derry Corner yesterday morning. 2501JM18
Group pictured at the launch of the Bloody Sunday poster at Free Derry Corner yesterday morning. 2501JM18

The Bloody Sunday March Committee has unveiled a new poster in support of this weekend’s March for Justice.

The image, located at Free Derry Wall, was launched yesterday by members of the march organising committee.

Kate Nash, whose brother William was among those murdered on January 30, 1972, said: “We are delighted that internationally known Brazilian cartoon artist Carlos Latuff agreed to draw the image for this year’s poster.”

Yesterday’s unveiling kick-started a series of events to commemorate the 41st anniversary of the Bogside massacre which culminates with Sunday’s march.

Jim Keys, of the organising committee, said: “The inscription on the Bloody Sunday Monument says, ‘Their epitaph is in the continuing struggle for democracy’. These events have been put together in the spirit of that struggle.

“The events include screenings of three films. Our own ‘Sunday’, obviously, and the films on Orgreave and Hillsborough are all about campaigns rooted in their respective communities. There is also a powerful new drama by Donal O’Kelly on the machinations of Shell’s corporate occupation of North Mayo.

“The two discussion forums have an impressive lineup of speakers renowned for their ability to persist in speaking truth to power. These include lawyer Gareth Peirce and civil rights campaigner, Bernadette McAliskey.”

The committee say they’re pleased with the response they’ve received to their plans.

Kate Nash said: “We have had a lively response to our website and Facebook page. The tone and volume of online response has been amazing and has added to our confidence that this year’s events will be a success.”

The full programme is available at which is also linked to a Facebook page.

Meanwhile, in a separate development, East Derry MP Gregory Campbell has called for police to investigate the role of the IRA prior to Bloody Sunday.

The DUP representative has tabled a House of Commons motion on the issue which has been supported by Tory and Liberal Democrat MPs.

The motion calls for PSNI chief Matt Baggott to ensure that, if British soldiers are to be questioned about Bloody Sunday, then the role played by senior Provisional IRA personnel in the weeks and months leading up to the massacre is also investigated “thoroughly”.