No plans to extend Culmore flood wall

Flooding on the Culmore Point Road. (1103PG03)
Flooding on the Culmore Point Road. (1103PG03)

The sea wall at Culmore Point Road will be fixed - but will not be built up further to prevent flooding, according to a document sent to Derry City Council.

The area been plagued by flooding due to rising tides and there have been calls for it to be reinforced.

Sinn Féin Councillor Tony Hassan recently said he welcomed news that work is take place in Culmore to install a continuous stone wall along the riverfront.

There have been widespread concerns voiced in the area over recent years due to repeated flooding, leading to various meetings among residents, politicians and with government officials.

However there had previously been some confusion as to which authority was actually responsible for repairing the damaged defences along the embankment.

Councillor Hassan said: “I have been campaigning for some time now for the various agencies to look at the problems being faced by residents in the Culmore area.

“One area that I felt needed special attention was the wall along the river front.

“I said there was a need for Department for Regional Development Roads Service to remove the sections of the railings at the roadside along the riverfront and replace it with a continuous solid stone wall in consultation with local residents and Derry City Council.”

A letter sent by Transport NI to Derry City Council is expected to be discussed by members of Derry City Council on Thursday.

Addressed to Conor Canning, of Environmental Services, it confirms that Transport NI is responsible for maintaining the wall. It says work will include repairs to undermined sections of the road between Ardan Road and Culmore Fort and that the steel barrier will be replaced with a masonry wall.

But it tells councillors that Transport NI has no responsibility for coastal walls or flood defences and that there is no requirement for an extension to the wall for road engineering purposes.

It is hoped that the work can be carried out in the next financial year but that will depend on available funds.