No predetermined outcomes - Hassan

Sinn Fein councillor Tony Hassan.
Sinn Fein councillor Tony Hassan.

Sinn Féin housing spokesperson councillor Tony Hassan has stated there can be no predetermined outcomes on the future of the social housing sector.

Mr Hassan was speaking yesterday following comments by the new Housing Executive chairperson Donald Hoodless.

He went on; “It is important that the future of social housing within the north of Ireland is established on the firm foundation of planning and delivering on the basis of need.

“There is much work to be done to ensure that any changes in housing delivering for the needs we are facing over the coming years.

“A process of consultation, deliberation and legislation is essential to provide a sound basis for the future of social housing whatever form it may take.

He continued; “The process of examining new structures for the delivery of social housing is not a fait accompli.

“Given that is the case, it’s my own view that is not appropriate for the current chairperson of the Housing Executive to promote any particular agenda at this early stage of deliberations.”