North’s powersharing institutions ‘in peril’: McGuinness

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness.
Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness.

Martin McGuinness has warned that the powersharing institutions at Stormont are “in peril”.

The North’s Deputy First Minister was speaking after returning from talks in London with British prime minister David Cameron.

Speaking in Derry this morning, he said he had warned the Tory leader that the political structures created by the Good Friday Agreement were “on the point of imminent collapse”,

Mr. McGuinness said the conversation had been “very forthright” on both sides.

He insisted Mr Cameron would need to give a “powerful input” in order to find a solution.

He added that the British premier was left in no doubt about the seriousness of “the crisis we are facing.”

He said successive British governments had, over the years, invested “enormous, at times limitless, resources in pursuing a military agenda.”

“They now need to bring a similar commitment to building a still fragile peace,” he added.