Nostalgia: Inishowen blamed for potato blight (August 1987)

Potato blight
Potato blight

Donegal farmers could face losses running into millions of pounds because of disastrous blight attacks on the potato crop.

ACOT officer, Loman O’Dowd, warned this week that unless farmers take immediate action up to a quarter of the potato crop in Donegal could be seriously affected. He said already 5 per cent of the crop was in serious trouble and blight black spots had been reported throughout the county.

He sounded a special warning for Inishowen: “The frequency of spraying against blight in Inishowen is not as a high as in other areas of the county and this appears to be one of the problems contributing to the blight attacks.”

Warm, wet weather has produced conditions ideal for the spread of blight among 12,000 acres of ware and seed potatoes planted in Donegal.