Nostalgia: Way cleared for Buncrana Boys' Club centre and Malin battered by severe thunderstorm

Way cleared for Buncrana Boys' Club's project

Sunday, 30th July 2017, 9:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:59 am

The way is now clear for the erection by Buncrana Boys’ Club of a £10,000 recreation centre on a site at Castle Avenue, a project which was the subject of an objection to the Minister for Local Government.

Buncrana Urban Council, which has granted planning approval for the project, has been told that an objection lodged against their decision by two residents of Castle Avenue has been rejected on technical grounds.

The notices of appeal arrived with the Dept. one day after the close of the stipulated period for the receipt of objections.

Severe thunderstorm hits Malin and North Inishowen

The thunderstorm was very severe in Malin and North Inishowen for about three hours last Thursday.

Fortunately no damage was caused in the district.

On Thursday night a strong wind of almost gale force blew up from the east and the boats salmon fishing from Portaleen, Glengad, had a difficult and dangerous time.

Several of the fishing vessels lost their nets but one at least was recovered the next day.

Fishing so far has not improved on Trabreige, the average catch being three, but one boat at the beginning of last week had twenty-two.

Talks on Swilly drift-net fishing

A group of drift-net fishermen from Inch Island met the Letterkenny Fishery board at a special meeting in Ramelton, when the question of drift-net fishing on the Swilly Estuary was discussed.

During the discussion it was stated that there was as yet no result from a Departmental inquiry held into the problem of over-netting on the estuary.

Deputy P. O’Donnell, legal adviser to the Board, pointed out the Board’s responsibility to protect the fisheries, and the areas on the Swilly estuary, where the drift-net men could not operate. He said the protection of stocks was in everyone’s interest.