‘Not my child’ woman told police

A 50-year-old Limavady woman who was stopped by police driving with a child under the age of 14, and who wasn’t strapped in properly, told a police officer ‘it’s not my child’.

Catherine Hughes, whose address was given as O’Cahan’s Way, Limavady, was initially stopped by police when they saw her using her mobile phone.

Limavady Magistrate’s Court heard on Wednesday when Hughes was stopped on January 20 at 3.20pm, the child in the passenger seat was not wearing the appropriate constraint.

The court heard police believed the child was approximately three years old. Hughes told the officer “it’s not my child” , and said she knew she shouldn’t be using the phone.

Defence solicitor, Paddy McGurk said the child was a relative, and she was trying to find out the address of a house where a party was taking place.

Mr McGurk said Hughes was “flustered”, and she should have stopped the car to use the phone.

Mr McGurk said she had been called at short notice.

Mr McGurk told the Court that Hughes had been “frank” with police when they spoke with her.

Hughes was fined £125 and received three penalty points for using a mobile phone while driving.

For the offence of carrying a child under the age of 14 ; not wearing a seat belt in conformity with the regulations on Scroggy Road, Hughes was fined £75.

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