Noted Irish Artist’s Inishowen exhibition

Liam Jones's landscape painting of the beautiful Isle of Doagh in Inishowen
Liam Jones's landscape painting of the beautiful Isle of Doagh in Inishowen

The beauty of Donegal will feature prominently along the East coast this months when well known Irish artist Liam Jones will be exhibiting some wonderful land and seascapes of the Inishowen Peninsula at the Kilcock Art Gallery.

With positive publicity nationally in the wake of the spectacular ‘Northern lights’ display Mr. Jones certainly is doing the peninsula no harm either stating he had spent the last few months painting on the Isle of Doagh, a part of Ireland of head longed to visit and paint, for some time.

“I wasn’t disappointed either’, he said,

The artists stated: “The continuous roar of the Atlantic Ocean, even on a calm day, offers magnificent views straight across Trabreaga Bay to Malin Head. Small irregular fields bounded by stone walls, moorlands of heather, gorse and rushes, yellow flags and purple orchids. Scenes that overwhelmed me and demanded to be painted.”

But there was more to Inishowen than that, according to the artist: “ I found a wonderful feeling of space, continually shifting light, where clouds scud across the landscape, all these components were an infinite source of ideas for my exhibition.

“ I wanted to predominantly feature aspects of the sea’s interaction with the landscape. The tide regularly invades and covers our coast line, lingers a while and withdraws. With each visit it sculpts and shapes our shoreline in a minute, imperceptible way, gradually transforming the contours of our coast. As the sea recedes the fissured rocks coated in ochre and rust-hued weeds with explosions of yellows, beg the artist to paint them., A divine repetition, and good for the soul”

Anyone interested in logging on to see the artist’s work can do so and viewing the exhibition, or they can look at it on facebook. Any queries can be answered by contacting Breda Smyth Tel: +353 1 6287619 mobile 086 2578283