Nun who met Bono to speak at the Long Tower this weekend

Sister Anne Carr.
Sister Anne Carr.

An Irish nun who was given a dedication on the U2 album ‘How To Make An Atomic Bomb’ will speak at the Long Tower this weekend.

Sister Anne Carr of the Medical Missionaries of Mary met Bono when he visited Malawi in 2002.

The nun is currently back home on a mission awareness programme promoting the work that her fellow sisters do in African countries and south and central America.

“Bono was wonderful,” said Sister Ann. “He wanted to meet all of the patients and we brought him around the hospital. He was gobsmacked when he saw the poverty there but I remember that he was so dignified among the patients.”

She said she was surprised when weeks later she got a CD in the post with a letter which read - Bono wanted you to have this. My friend got one too and she asked me weeks later if I had listened to it.

“I told her I was too busy and she told me to look at it. It was only then I realised he had mentioned me.”

Sister Anne said she wants thank people for their prayers and their support.

“And to tell them we still need their help financially,” she added. “Things have moved on in Malawi but there still is poverty. I get annoyed when I hear people complain about the health service when we have none.”

Sister Ann will speaks at all masses in the Long Tower this weekend.