NW One Plan decision is expected soon

A graphic from the North West One masterplan.
A graphic from the North West One masterplan.

The Department for the Environment (DOE) are currently working with ‘expert consultees’ with a view to making a decision of the proposed North West One development.

The North West One development, which will be based just off the Crescent Link, was described by developers back in January 2014 as having the potential to create “500 jobs”.

Earlier this week, the Sunday Journal contacted the DOE to query whether the department was nearing a decision.

“The applicant [KPMG] submitted Further Environmental Information in March 2014 and September 2014, this information has been advertised in accordance with the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations.

“The Department is currently considering the responses from expert consultees and are in the process of finalising their Retail Impact Assessment.

“Once this was been undertaken, the Department will be in a position to made a final recommendation on both planning applications to the Minister,” a DOE spokesperson told the Sunday Journal.

The North West One development was revealed to the public at the start of the year.