October 1988: Paisley to lead loyalist protest march in Derry

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D.U.P. leader Rev. Ian Paisley is set to lead a loyalist march through Derry in protest at a Civil Rights march held in the city two weeks ago.

The R.U.C. has been notified of the demonstration and Mr. Paisley has called on all unionists and loyalists to support the protest to “re-establish Protestant rights in the city.” He condemned the RUC for allowaing what he claimed was “an IRA colour party in full paramilitary dress,” carry a tricolour to march through the Watersdie during the Civil Rights anniversary march on October 8 last, with Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams at its head. He described it as a violation of promises made to Protestants in the city by the RUC after the 10th anniversary march in 1978.

“It is important to the people in Northern Ireland that every challenge made by the IRA and Sinn Féin to invade loyalist areas is challenged at every turn.”