October 5th anniversary lecture in Derry on Friday

Civil rights veteran Fionnbarra O Dochartaigh. (2307MM01)
Civil rights veteran Fionnbarra O Dochartaigh. (2307MM01)

A lecture will be held in Derry on Friday evening to mark the 44th anniversary of the first civil rights march and to celebrate the life of the late Tony O’Doherty.

Mr O’Doherty, who died in July, was a civil rights activist and former member of the Young Republican Association, the Derry Housing Action Committee, and other community action groups in his youth.

He was also a songwriter who composed many pieces about life and events in Derry, most recently, ‘Vindication’ written after the publication of the Saville report.

The lecture, entitled ‘Civil Rights, Stormont Wrongs,’ will be delivered by Fionnbarra O Dochartaigh, a co-founder of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association in 1967. Mr O’ Dochartaigh was one of the organisers of the original October 5th march and was one of three men arrested and charged for defying a ban on marching imposed by William Craig, the then minister for Home Affairs.

The widow of the late Mr O’Doherty, Deirdre, will be among those in attendance. Other civil rights veterans, including former MP for Mid-Derry, Ivan Cooper, will also be at the anniversary lecture.

For further details about venue and to reserve a seat, those interested in attending should contact rights.civil@gmail.com or phone 07783660181.