Agitated large dog contained inside leisure centre

Templemore Sports Complex. 0601JM16
Templemore Sports Complex. 0601JM16

Staff in Derry’s Templemore Sports Complex were forced to contain what has been described as a large agitated ‘Rottweiler-type’ dog as it roamed the centre this afternoon, it has been confirmed.

Members of the public and workers were said to be stunned to see the fully grown dog entering through the automatic doors at the Springtown leisure centre on Holy Thursday.

The Rottweiler entered Templemore Sports Complex  and ran amok, according to reports.

The Rottweiler entered Templemore Sports Complex and ran amok, according to reports.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the animal made its way through various parts of the centre and that staff had to keep it in check using a traffic cone.

Staff members swept into action and quickly moved all those using the various sports facilities into a safe area of the centre.

Reports earlier today from an eyewitness suggested that the dog was a fully-grown, Rottweiler breed.

A spokeswoman for Derry City & Strabane District Council said that public safety was the main concern throughout the episode.

She also confirmed that the large stray animal became increasingly distressed during the incident.

She said: “A dog entered the premises at Templemore Sports Complex around lunchtime today via the automatic doors.

“Staff were immediately alerted to the fact that the dog was in the building, and in an agitated state, and responded by diverting members of the public to another area of the building.

“Thanks to the swift reaction of staff, at no time were the public in any danger.”

She added: “The Dog Warden responded promptly and removed the animal from the area where it had been contained.”

The dog, which early reports from an eyewitness suggest was a fully grown Rottweiler type, is currently understood to be in the care of the council.

The spokeswoman said: “No one has as yet come forward to claim the animal which had no collar or form of identification.”