Balmy November ‘not a warning’

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The record-breaking freak warm weather which has heralded the arrival of November is nothing unusual in the grand scheme of things, Donegal weather soothsayer Michael Gallagher has said.

Mr Gallagher was speaking after the highest November temperatures on record across Ireland on Sunday, with some parts registering above 20 degrees celsius.

Michael Gallagher.  Photo: Geraldine Diver

Michael Gallagher. Photo: Geraldine Diver

Mr Gallagher, who comes from the Cloghan area of Donegal, was taught as a boy by older people to read the weather signs by watching nature and animal behaviour.

He said that freak weather like that being experienced now was not uncommon and he also rubbished the notion that a prolonged Arctic blast is coming. He said: “A couple of weeks ago you had all this about an awful winter coming that will be the worst since the ‘60s’. That’s nonsense, we will have a normal winter.

“We had a bad summer and a very good Autumn with a good harvest. If you had a big summer harvest, that would be the time to be worrying about a bad winter.

“That bad winter of 2010 when there was seven to eight weeks of it, that is something that is once in a life-time.”

And if you were thinking of betting on a white Christmas you might want to think twice, as Mr Gallagher has predicted there will be no snow this year.

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