Being with family and friends makes Derry people most happy

Spending time with family and friends makes people in Derry happier than anything else, a new survey has found.

The national Lottery poll, carried out buy LucidTalk, found that more than half of people in Derry (54.8%) say they are most happy when with their nearest and dearest.

Eating out with loved ones (13.7 per cent) and even going to work (11 per cent) put a smile on the faces of those living in the North-West

But the current economic situation (43.8 per cent) contributed towards people feeling unhappy while a fifth said ill-health (20.5 per cent) made them feel down.

Jackie O’Sullivan from the National Lottery said: “George Burns, the American comedian, once said happiness was having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.

“But this could not be further from the truth for people from Derry. Our research showed that quality time with family and friends beats material possessions, career and even your favourite football team winning a big match as the key to happiness.

“And family is very important to the National Lottery too. National Lottery players have help fund hundreds of projects throughout the North-West many of them offering free, fun and fantastic activities for the whole family to enjoy together.

“This includes more than £2 million to projects associated with the City of Culture celebrations, restoring Derry’s natural heritage such as revamping Brooke Park and helping restore the city’s historic walls. National Lottery funding has supported many sporting clubs and organisations and provided invaluable financial assistance to community and voluntary groups which help families in Derry to improve their children’s lives,” she said.