Border time zone proposal

Derry could have a different time zone to Donegal if a controversial proposal in the Oireachtas is approved.

The Brighter Evenings Bill proposes bringing clocks forward an hour in the Republic, which would create a time difference with the North. Foyle Sinn Féin MLA Raymond McCartney described the proposal as “ridiculous.”

“The major reason this piece of legislation would not work at the moment is the fact that we cannot have one part of Ireland operating an hour ahead of the rest of the country.

“It would make absolutely no sense to adopt a different time zone in the south to that in the north. Can you imagine a situation existing where Derry would have a different time zone than Buncrana or where Lifford would be an hour behind Strabane? Such a ridiculous move would have an adverse effect on business, negatively impact on education provision and become a general nuisance,” he said.