Burglar stole sausage roll and burger

A 20 year-old Derry man was microwaving a sausage roll in a victim’s home when police arrested him for burglary, a court has heard.

Patrick Tracey, of 20 London Street, admitted entering the property at Iniscarn Road as a trespasser and stealing food on January 20 this year when he appeared at Derry Magistrate’s Court.

The court heard that the owner of the property contacted police after he visited his property and found it unlocked, having previously secured it himself.

When police entered the property they found the defendant cooking food taken from the owner’s freezer, in the microwave.

He said he was contacted by his co-defendant in the case, a female, who had invited him to the flat.

She had been with the defendant in the kitchen but made off when police arrived.

A defence solicitor said it was “not a standard burglary” and only involved the theft of sausage roll and a burger. He added that Tracey had entered the property at the end of a drinking binge after being invited by the female. He said Tracey didn’t enter the property with the intention of stealing anything and that he was only in the flat for 20 minutes when police arrived.

“He received a call from a female friend to go to a flat which she described as a party house,” the defence solicitor said. He said the defendant’s only act in the flat was to “take a burger and a sausage roll”.

“He was taking the food out of the microwave when police arrived and arrested him,” the solicitor told the court.

When his co-defendant made off, Tracey “simply remained” and continued making the food.

He said his client’s judgement had been “very badly affected” by alcohol, adding that Tracey has problems with substance and alcohol abuse. Tracey was given 18 months probation and ordered to attend an alcohol management and Think First programmes.