Can you help find Greta’s beloved cat Marley?

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The family of an 83-year-old woman have appealed for help to find her beloved pet cat, which was rescued by the late broadcaster Gerry Anderson and his wife Christine.

Greta Taylor from Clooney has not seen her beloved pet cat Marley since he jumped the fence at her home in Lapwing Way on Monday afternoon at around 3pm.

Missing Marley the cat.

Missing Marley the cat.

Marley had followed a little ginger and white cat across to the area around the community centre at Heron Way, but while the other cat returned Marley did not.

Greta’s daughter Annette said he family were extremely anxious to have the cat returned to Greta, who her family said has “a touch of dementia”.

“Marley is very house trained and would just stay around here. He is not used to outside and is scared of traffic.

“He is very important to our family and very important to my mum and her routine.

“Seven years ago Gerry Anderson and his wife Christine found him as a kitten at Culmore Point and they took it up to my uncle Joe Taylor, knowing he is good with animals, and my uncle thought this would be lovely for my mum.

“Mum’s husband, my father, had back then recently passed away and we thought this was a lovely wee gift from my Dad in heaven for my Mum, and she has looked after Marley ever since.

“He helps my mum every day. She has a touch of dementia and she is missing Marley.

“As a family we feel as if we have lost a part of our family that is how much we are animal lovers, and we are appealing to other animal lovers as well to help us find him.”

“We would appeal to people to look in sheds and to keep an eye out for Marley.”

Marley is a distinctive English blue cat with striking green eyes and has dermatitis and “has a wee bit of a belly on him,” Annette said.

There was a possible siting of Marley in Abbeydale and people in the Clooney, Lincoln Courts, Bond Street, Oakgrove and Kilfennan areas are urged to be particularly vigilant.

There is a reward for anyone who can help with Marley’s safe return and anyone with information is asked to please contact Julie on 07734248617.