Chair-ity is no laughing matter for Vicki in donation mix-up

Vicki's husband Gregor on one of the missing chairs
Vicki's husband Gregor on one of the missing chairs
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A Derry woman has found herself caught up in her own real life version of a storyline from the TV comedy series Frasier.

Vicki Perston is desperately looking for the return of two chairs which are of great sentimental value to the family which were accidentally collected by a charity shop.

The chair from Frasier.

The chair from Frasier.

It’s a story straight out of the sitcom Frasier in which he gets rid of his father’s old recliner. Much hilarity ensured in his attempts to retrieve it – but for Vicki, this time it’s no laughing matter.

And she has appealed to the new owner, who bought the chairs in good faith, to sell them back to her.

“My dad passed away in November 2012,” she said. “Mum hadn’t been well afterwards, but as she started to get better we decided to do a bit of redecorating. This included getting new furniture.

“The two chairs were there and I told Mum I wanted to keep them.

“In the rush of the minute Mum gave them away by mistake on the day the charity van came to collect the old furniture.

“That was early in February. I rang the shop to see if they still had the chairs. The van driver told them that as he was unloading the chairs a man came over and bought the two for £45 each. He actually took them away there and then so they have no record as they didn’t deliver the chairs themselves.”

Vicki said she is desperate to track the chairs down.

“I have so many family memories which include those chairs,” she said. “I opened my Christmas presents in them every year. My earliest memories are being a child and swivelling around in them. We played cards sitting in those chairs. They were a big part of my life.”

Vicky says the chairs are 1970s style and quite rare.

“I’m prepared to pay the person who bought them the money they paid for the chairs,” she said. “They won’t know the great sentimental value they have to me. I’m just hoping we can find the chairs.”

If anyone knows where the chairs are please contact the Journal on 02871 272200.