Coo’s doing all the fowling at the Bridge?

The scene on the lower deck of the Craigavon Bridge. (0204SL04)
The scene on the lower deck of the Craigavon Bridge. (0204SL04)

Dog fouling may be a problem at the Peace Bridge but it’s fowling of a different kind that’s plaguing Craigavon Bridge.

Regular users are in a flap over the mess, with one walker describing the lower deck walkway as a “midden” of bird droppings.

Peter Davidson told the ‘Journal’ that it’s easy to figure out ‘coo’ done it. “It’s the pigeons. It’s like walking through a midden and when it rains it turns to slime, it’s disgusting,” he said.

It appears that more and more birds are flocking to the new toilet of choice since the old Hamilton shirt factory was demolished recently. “The problem was always there but the situation has become significantly worse since the Hamilton building was knocked down,” Mr Davidson added.

He said he was hopeful that pathway poo prevention measures will be taken quickly in light of the City of Culture celebrations. “People getting off the train and walking to the city centre will have to walk through this slippery mess.” Mr Davidson has seen how the situation is addressed elsewhere. “My wife and I were in Prague several years ago and we saw a really simple device to solve the problem. It was a two inch strip of plastic with needles to stop the pigeons from perching themselves on the edge of the buildings.”

Meanwhile, Sinn Féin councillor Lynn Fleming has called for the path to cleaned. “The safety of pedestrians must be paramount. There have been a number of ongoing issues in terms of surface water and this latest development is concerning. This should be addressed as soon as possible and for the footpath to be cleaned regularly.”