Derry company make toffee apples... but not as you know them

It's toffee apples, but not as you know them.
It's toffee apples, but not as you know them.

A Derry company have been reinventing a traditional old Halloween favourite, with some very colourful results.

But there is not tricks to these treats as Derry Sweet Company founder Jonathan Elliott found out when he decided to take on the challenge of bringing the humble toffee apple into the 21st Century.

Mr Elliott, whose Galliagh company was also behind the highly successful ‘Derry Milk’ chocolate bars (which will be returning in time for Christmas this year) explained:

“With the toffee apples I saw this in America, there was a wee woman who had done them with the bright colours in her kitchen, but it took us quite a while because we could not get the white food colouring you need for the base anywhere. You need that and then you add the neon colours.

“It took us a good three or four months before we were able to find it. We managed to get it in Nottingham.”

After getting the recipe from the American woman, Mr Elliott then set about developing the brilliant blue, pink, yellow and orange toffee apples, which have been going down well locally.

“The feedback has been great,” Mr Elliott said. “ And we have also brought back the ‘frying pans’ people would remember from childhood for Halloween and there has been a great response to them too .”